Green Room

The 2015 Stockholm Film Festival reveals the titles in the film section Twilight Zone.  Twilight Zone is the film section that offers the most adrenaline-filled and nerve wrecking cinema experiences.  “This year’s Twilight Zone presents more realistic and present dangers without being detached from the dark and the fantastic. Neo-nazis and punks clash in Green Room, a virus outbreak in Denmark triggers military action against middle class suburbia and a giant tsunami hits Norway,” says George Ivanov, program director at Stockholm Film Festival.

A selection of titles:

Baskin (2015) Can Evrenol, Turkey. Nordic premiere.
Crumbs (2015), Miguel Llansó, Ethiopia, Spain. Scandinavian premiere.
Demon (2015), Marcin Wrona, Poland, Israel. Nordic premiere.
Green Room (2015), Jeremy Saulnier, USA. Scandinavian premiere.
I am a Hero (2015) Shinsuke Sato, Japan. Nordic premiere.
Island City (2015) Ruchika Oberoi, India. Nordic premiere.
Office (2015) Won-Chan Hong, South Korea. Nordic premiere.
The Devil’s Candy (2015) Sean Byrne, USA. Swedish premiere.
The Invitation (2015), Karyn Kusama, USA. Nordic premiere.
The Wave (2015) Roar Uthaug, Norway. Swedish premiere.
Violator (2014) Dodo Dayao, Philippines. Nordic premiere.
What We Become (2015) Bo Mikkelsen, Denmark. Nordic premiere.
With The Lips Closed (2015) Carlos Osuna, Colombia. World premiere.
Yakuza Apocalypse: The Great War of the Underworld (2015), Takashi Miike, Japan. Nordic premiere.

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