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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

NewFest, announced the full 2017 lineup featuring more than 140 LGBT narrative features, documentaries, episodic series and shorts.

This year’s festival will feature a Spotlight Screening & Conversation presentation of Angela Robinson’s PROFESSOR MARSTON & THE WONDER WOMEN, the story of how the superhero Wonder Woman came to be and the secret life of her creator, Dr. William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans), his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) and their lover Olive (Bella Heathcote). The screening will be followed by a conversation on bisexuality and polyamory with director Angela Robinson and guests to be announced.

New feature-length work includes narratives DISCREET from Travis Mathews (INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR), Canadian entry PORCUPINE LAKE from Ingrid Veninger (THE ANIMAL PROJECT) and the BBC-produced AGAINST THE LAW from Fergus O’Brien, documentaries MY WONDERFUL WEST BERLIN from German filmmaker Jochen Hick (THE GOOD AMERICAN), OUT OF ORDER from Amanda Bluglass (VIVA) and BONES OF CONTENTION from Emmy-winner Andrea Weiss (U.N. Fever). The festival also includes exciting premieres of debut features such as FREAK SHOW from Trudie Styler, starring Bette Midler, Abigail Breslin, AnnaSophia Robb, Laverne Cox, John McEnroe and Larry Pine, ONE LAST THING from Tim Rouhana, starring Wendall Pierce (THE WIRE) and Jurnee Smollet, as well as Jennifer Gerber’s THE REVIVAL, Mike Roma’s DATING MY MOTHER, Samantha Lee’s MAYBE TOMORROW, Gail Freedman’s HOT TO TROT, and Lara Embry and Carolyn Sherer’s ALABAMA BOUND, among

Rounding out the US Narrative offerings are Christopher Schaap’s PROM KING, 2010, David Berry’s SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER, William Sullivan’s THE RING THING, Jenée LaMarque‘s THE FEELS, Albert Alarr’s A MILLION HAPPY NOWS and Anahita Ghazvinizadeh’s THEY, while Itako’s BOYS FOR SALE, Paul Oremland’s 100 MEN, Jeffrey Schwarz’s THE FABULOUS ALLAN CARR, Tristan Milewski’s DREAM BOAT and Arshad Khan’s ABU complete the feature length documentary entries.

The remaining International narratives include Marília Hughes and Guerreiro Cláudio Marques’ THE CITY OF THE FUTURE (Brazil), Carlos Lechuga’s SANTA & ANDRES (Cuba), Darren Thornton’s A DATE FOR MAD MARY (Ireland), Victor Villanueva’s JESUS IS DEAD (the Philippines, East Coast Premiere), Joselito Altarejos’ TALE OF THE LOST BOYS (Taiwan, the Philippines, North American Premiere), Lokesh Kumar’s MY SON IS GAY (India, North American Premiere), Nicolas Videla’s THE DEVIL’S MAGNIFICENT (Chile, International Premiere) and Nils-Erik Ekblom’s SCREWED (Finland).

Through the film selection process this year’s event, the festival’s programming team chose to highlight several themes, including the history of LGBT activism in New York City, the global condition of LGBT communities and the ways in which different generations of LGBT artists, activists and storytellers influence each other by looking both backwards and forward in time.

To that end, they chose to program a Legacy section of shorts entitled Out of the Archive: Queer New York, containing 7 short films spanning the past 50 years of LGBT filmmaking, including a 2010 short documentary from Ira Sachs comprised of footage of the exteriors of houses where New York artists were living when they died of AIDS; QUEENS AT HEART, a short doc about two pre-Stonewall transgender women; and I NEVER DANCED THE WAY GIRLS WERE SUPPOSED TO, Dawn Suggs’ mediation on black lesbian subjectivity.

The Legacy feature is Hettie Macdonald’s 1996 narrative feature BEAUTIFUL THING. Two decades after its initial release, the film still stands as one of the most poignant and honest depictions of the coming-out process ever presented on screen, and represents this year’s festival’s theme of self-expression.


The 2017 NewFest runs from October 19 to 24 at the SVA Theatre, Cinépolis Chelsea, and The LGBT Community Center in New York City.

2017 NewFest Feature Film Lineup:

Opening Night Film & Party
Susanne Bartsch: On Top
New York Premiere
Dir. Anthony & Alex, USA, 2017, 84 mins

A mesmerizingly expressive portrait of a fiercely individual New York counterculture icon, SUSANNE BARTSCH: ON TOP candidly captures the titular “Queen of the Night” and patron saint of LGBTQ inclusion and advocacy with a commanding voice and sharp wit, much like its subject. More than just a tribute to the “Queen of the Night” and staunch LGBTQ advocate, this dynamic debut from directing duo Anthony&Alex captures the essence of Bartsch’s everyday balance between compassion and control. As Bartsch prepares for an FIT exhibit of her nightlife fashions, she faces the challenges of a changing New York City landscape (as well as the construction within her homestead of many decades, the iconic Chelsea Hotel) while reconciling how her legacy lives on today.

Her ability to bring communities together while promoting LGBT rights and self-expression reached its apex with the star-studded Love Ball in 1989, which she hosted to raise money to fight AIDS and celebrated the Harlem Vogue scene before “Paris is Burning” was released. And she continues to gather and inspire multi-generational crowds at her parties to this day. Featuring superstars and LGBTQ nightlife luminaries RuPaul, Simon Doonan, Michael Musto, and Amanda Lepore, this dazzling documentary homecoming for a living icon who has unapologetically been a champion for all things New York and queer.

The screening will be followed by a talkback with Anthony&Alex and Susanne Bartsch, and moderated by Michael Musto.

New York Centerpiece Film
After Louie
New York City Premiere
Dir. Vincent Gagliostro, USA, 2017, 100mins
Sam (Alan Cumming) is an artist and activist from ACT UP who lived through the early years of HIV/AIDS, struggling with survivor’s guilt. He’s bewildered by the younger generation of gay men, until he meets the seductive Braeden (Zachary Booth, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON) at a bar late one night. Their pants quickly come down and, eventually, so does Sam’s guard. An intergenerational relationship blossoms between them—reawakening Sam’s artistic soul and reviving his wilted heart.

Beyond the beautifully evocative performances and setting, Vincent Gagliostro’s AFTER LOUIE is a love letter to New York City: engaging its rich backdrop while honoring the history of the gay rights movement and the progress that’s been made–reconciling the past so we as a community can look forward to the future.

International Centerpiece Film
God’s Own Country
New York Premiere
Dir. Francis Lee, United Kingdom, 2017, 104 mins

Gritty yet tender, austere yet beautiful, carnal yet romantic–GOD’S OWN COUNTRY is masterfully directed with powerful focus and authenticity by first-time feature filmmaker Francis Lee. Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor) is an overworked 25-year-old sheep farmer who feels as though life has already passed him by. He whiles away the time with drunken hookups in his small community in Northern England. When his ailing father takes a turn for the worse, handsome Romanian migrant Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu) is brought in to assist Johnny. Although Johnny resents Gheorghe at first, the two are quickly drawn to each other, and during an excursion to the highlands, they forge an even deeper connection. Winner of Sundance’s World Cinema Directing Award for its beautiful depiction of the English countryside—this assured new milestone marks a bold new epoch in textured, LGBTQ storytelling.

Closing Night Film & Party
Following a NYC to LA cross country move that ends in a breakup, singer-songwriter Becks (Lena Hall, a Tony Winner for Hedwig and the Angry Inch) returns to her Midwestern hometown, reluctantly moving back in with her mom. The time-warp sensation of being back in her childhood home is interrupted by an unexpected whirlwind affair with self-proclaimed “lonely housewife” Elyse (tenderly played with exceeding warmth by Mena Suvari) whom finds inspired new life through the guitar lessons and generous spirit Becks provides.

This electrifyingly effusive film from co-directors Daniel Powell and Elizabeth Rohrbaugh features strong supporting turns by Dan Fogler as her old classmate-turned-drinking-buddy and Christine Lahti as Becks’ former nun mother who is still coming to terms with her daughter’s homosexuality. But it’s Lena Hall, who contributed original songs to the film and delivers a beautifully assured, live-in performance that makes BECKS really sing.

Special live acoustic performance by Tony Award winner and Grammy Award nominee Lena Hall, the star of BECKS.


A Million Happy Nows
New York Premiere
Dir. Albert Alarr, USA, 2016, 80mins
FilmOut Festival Award, FilmOut San Diego
Concerned by her difficulty memorizing lines, veteran actress Lainey (Crystal Chappell), decides not to renew her soap opera contract. After a visit to the doctor, she is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, and Lainey and her longtime partner Eva (Jessica Leccia) must now learn how to navigate this unexpected terrain and make the most of their time together. Chronicling Lainey’s illness and their unconditional love, the film provides a million reasons why we all need to appreciate love to the fullest.

Dating My Mother
New York Premiere
Dir. Mike Roma, US, 2016, 84 min
Freshly out of college with a liberal arts degree and without employment and romance, Danny spends his days in suburban New Jersey aimlessly browsing dating apps or knocking back red wine. His mother, Joan (Kathryn Erbe, Law & Order: Criminal Intent
), is also looking to strike up romance for the first time since Danny’s father passed away. Drawing insightful and hilarious parallels between the two generations’ dating routines and varying levels of confidence, this sweet and spiky comedy also features delightful supporting turns by G.B.F.’s Paul Iacono and the always reliably funny Kathy Najimy.

New York Premiere
Dir. Travis Mathews, US, 2017, 80 mins
The director of I WANT YOUR LOVE and INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. returns with another provocative feature pushing buttons and envelopes. Filmmaker Alex wanders the rural countryside, listening to hate-filled talk radio and indulging in anonymous sex in video booths. After an uncomfortable visit with his mother, Alex seeks a figure from his past, slowly dying in a mysterious compound far from society. This blistering exploration of trauma reverberates from childhood to adulthood, offering neither easy answers nor simple explanations.

Freak Show
New York Premiere
Dir. Trudie Styler, US, 2017, 95 mins,

Teenager Billy Bloom (Alex Lawther, THE IMITATION GAME) learned fabulousness at the feet of his larger-than-life Muvv (Bette Midler). But when he’s shipped off to live with his conservative father (Larry Pine), Billy’s classmates at Ulysses S. Grant Academy don’t know what to make of this flamboyant newcomer and his seemingly endless array of colorful ensembles (with matching makeup). After being severely bullied, Billy bounces back with the help of his new friends, sensitive jock Flip (Ian Nelson, THE HUNGER GAMES) and the loquacious BlahBlahBlah (AnnaSophia Robb). Eventually, our glamorous hero decides to wave his freak flag as high as he can by running for homecoming queen, even if that means facing off against Bible-thumping mean girl Lynette (Abigail Breslin). Based on the novel by James St. James, the film features a superb ensemble cast, including Laverne Cox, Celia Weston, and Willa Fitzgerald
(MTV’s SCREAM). It’s a charming coming-of-age tale—as witty and as fearless as its protagonist—that celebrates the outsider within us all.

One Last Thing
World Premiere
Dir. Tim Rouhana, US, 2016, 92 mins
A middle-aged dentist in Florida receives some unexpected news that upends his peaceful routine and sends him on a life-altering journey of discovery. Doctor Dylan Derringer (Wendell Pierce, THE WIRE) is content with his solitary life, but when a figure from his past re-emerges with information, Dylan drops everything to find Lucy (Jurnee Smollett), the twenty-five year old daughter he didn’t know he had. This African American family drama dares to crush cultural taboos with a heart-warming story of LGBTQ acceptance.

Prom King 2010
New York Premiere
Dir. Christopher Schaap, United States, 2017, 102 mins
New Vision Award, Feature Film, 2017 Cinequest San Jose Film Festival
Charlie, a 20-year-old movie-crazy college student, is looking for love in New York City, and having trouble reconciling the harsh realities of modern dating with the romantic ideals of the classic romantic films he idolizes. First-time director and star Christopher Schaap imbues Charlie with a recognizable honesty and vulnerability. Featuring strong widescreen location photography and an engaging cast, this feel-good romance is a genuine charmer.

Something Like Summer
New York Premiere
Dir. David Berry, US, 2017, 115 mins
Audience Award, Best First Narrative Feature, FilmOut San Diego
Benjamin is an out-of-the-closet theater kid, while Tim is the hunky town jock. When Benjamin discovers his attraction to Tim is reciprocated, this delightfully musical tale takes off. The boys’ relationship spans years, encapsulating all of the delirious highs and painful lows of young love. This crowd-pleaser brings a beloved series of YA novels to life as these two young men explore the complex lines between being friends, lovers, and strangers.

The Feels
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Jenée LaMarque , US, 2017, 90 mins
Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film, Outfest LA
Two brides-to-be (Angela Trimbur and FRESH OFF THE BOAT’S Constance Wu) throw a joint bachelorette party that ends up calling their whole relationship into question. Equal parts laughs, tears, and introspection, this modern take on a romantic comedy unravels the secrets that can plague even the strongest relationship. Outstanding performances and an earnest script make up the heart of this crazy-enjoyable film.

The Revival
East Coast Premiere
Jennifer Gerber, US, 2017, 84 mins,
When Eli begins preaching at his father’s old church, he is desperate to open the minds of the fire-and-brimstone congregation. His plans are quickly derailed when he strikes up a relationship with a fascinating drifter (played by Zachary Booth, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON). Tensions soon come to a head, with simmering resentments and repressed emotions all leading to a revival that will shake this sleepy Arkansas town to its core.

The Ring Thing
New York Premiere
Dir. William C. Sullivan, US, 2017, 106 mins
Real-life chemistry plays a huge role in this romantic drama about what happens in a relationship when a woman proposes to her girlfriend by accident. Peppered with real-life interviews from couples in the LGBTQ community, this story explores what it means to be in a partnership and how those connections change (or not!) when marriage is added to the mix. You’ll leave the theater reexamining what it means to be committed to your partner and committed to yourself.

New York City Premiere
Dir. Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, US/Qatar, 2017, 80 min

Fourteen-year-old J lingers somewhere between a state of suspended animation and arrested development. Asked to be referred to as “they,” J has quietly been taking hormone blockers for some time in order to delay the onset of puberty, while they contemplate whether to live an adult life as a female or a male. With a visit to the doctor imminent, J is joined in their Chicago suburb by their sister Lauren and her Iranian Boyfriend Araz, who bring in their own set of identity problems, as Araz struggles with his life as an immigrant living so far away from his homeland. Executive Produced by Jane Campion, Anahita Ghazvinizadeh’s THEY is a delicate and intimate look at the struggles of living a life in limbo.


A Date For Mad Mary
New York City Premiere
Dir. Darren Thornton, Ireland, 2016, 82 mins
Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards – Won Breakthrough Award – Irish
Mary’s charms are undeniable in this Irish coming-of-age portrayal of the angsty path from youth to womanhood. Mary has just been released from a six-month prison stint for a drunken bar fight. Her best friend Charlene is now getting married and wants to keep Mary at a distance, alienating her from their circle of friends. An encounter with a queer musician changes Mary’s perspective and awakens her romantic spirit. Filmmaker Darren Thornton’s first feature is warm and instantly relatable.

Against The Law
New York Premiere
Dir. Fergus O’Brien, United Kingdom, 2017, 85 mins
Featuring a stunning mixture of biopic and documentary elements, this BBC-produced hybrid drama draws the historical line between 1950s gay repression in the UK and the process through which homosexuality was decriminalized in 1967–and received raves when it World Premiered as the Opening Night Gala of BFI Flare: London’s LGBT Film Festival. This affecting and alarming film cuts between the story of journalist and gay rights activist Peter Wildeblood (Daniel Mays), who was galvanized by the infamous 1954 trial that targeted and outed his friends, and real-life interviews with gay men who lived through this dark but not forgotten period in UK’s history.

Jesus Is Dead
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Victor Villanueva, the Philippines, 2016, 84 mins
QCinema International Film Festival 2016 – Won Gender Sensitivity Award

Iyay, an exhausted and weary single-mother of three, crams her reluctant children — transman Jude, dancer with Down Syndrome Bert, and non-achiever Jay — into her debilitated multicab, and together they take to the road in order to attend the funeral of their estranged patriarch. Gaining and losing an assortment of misfits and oddballs along the way, the family’s solemn journey quickly turns frenzied and uproarious as each new character adds a new dimension of humor and profound insight to their familial plight. Director Victor Villanueva delivers a heartwarming and utterly distinctive take on the family road trip film, reminiscent of the delightfully melancholic Little Miss Sunshine, while imbuing it with his own idiosyncratic, queer flourishes.

Maybe Tomorrow
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Samantha Lee, Philippines, 2016, 84 mins,
Alex is unapologetically out to everyone—the execs who want to remove the queer content from her TV pitch, her overbearing mom, her catty photographer friends—except to her BFF Jess, an up-and-coming TV starlet with whom she also happens to be madly in love. But when Alex’s secret is accidentally revealed, both girls are forced to confront their feelings and navigate the complications of their new relationship in Samantha Lee’s fun and flirtatious debut feature.

My Son Is Gay
North American Premiere
Dir Lokesh Kumar, India, 2017, 105 mins
In this moving Bollywood melodrama, Varun comes out to his best friend’s mother. When the news reaches his own mom Lakshmi, she rejects it, in disbelief that the perfect son she so adores could ever be gay. What follows is a portrayal of the entrenched prejudice that the LGBTQ community still face in India today. With Section 377, the law criminalizing same-sex relationships, currently under review by the courts, this is a timely and important take on queer rights and a test of a mother’s love for her son.

Porcupine Lake
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Ingrid Veninger, Canada, 2017, 84 mins
Bea (Charlotte Salisbury) has recently moved from Toronto to a quiet cottage in rural Ontario. Lonely and isolated, Bea finds solace when she befriends the elusive and alluring local-girl, Kate (Lucinda Armstrong Hall). The two girls forge an immediate bond as they both struggle to cope with their bewilderment at the volatility and chaos of their home lives and inner-worlds. In her sixth feature film, Ingrid Veninger depicts with candor and grace two girls dangling on the edge of adulthood, enjoy a fleeting summer of adventure and self-discovery.

Santa & Andres
New York Premiere
Dir. Carlos Lechuga, Cuba, Columbia, 2016, 105 mins
Guadalajara International Film Festival 2017 – 2nd Place – PREMIO MAGUEY – Best Feature Film
Cuba, 1981: For many, the wounds of the revolution have begun to heal, although there are still those who refuse to be compliant with the regime’s silencing of intellectuals and LGBTQ people. Gay writer Andrés spends three days under house arrest, supervised by young revolutionary Santa, who knows nothing of life away from the countryside. During this brief period, the pair form an unpredictable bond. Subtle and moving, yet boldly political and provocative, this is a story of day-to-day lives affected by sweeping change.

New York City Premiere
Dir. Nils-Erik Ekblom, Finland, 2017, 100 mins
To celebrate the start of summer, 17-year-old Miku throws a wild party at his parent’s house, which turns destructive quickly. As punishment, Miku is forced to spend the rest of his summer with his provincial family at their secluded country cottage. In the rolling, pastoral Finnish countryside, Miku meets the alluring Elias. The two spend their summer inseparable, discovering themselves, their sexuality, and each other.

The City Of The Future
New York Premiere
Dir: Cláudio Marques and Marília Hughes, Brazil, 2016, 75 mins
In a remote part of Brazil, the triad of Mila, Igor, and Gilmar are determined to break away and form their own nontraditional family, defying the definitions that society has attempted to impose on them. As they prepare for the birth of their child, the three contemplate their intertwining relationships. Cláudio Marques and Marília Hughes Guerreiro have boldly collaborated on a naturalistic film that shuns convention, instead embracing love in all its dazzling iterations.

Tale of the Lost Boys
North American Premiere
Dir. Joselito Altarejos, Taiwan, the Philippines, 2016, 81 mins
Alex, a Filipino mechanic, and Jerry, a Taiwanese aborigine student meet randomly in a Taipei bar and a casual conversation develops into a surprising personal connection. Both realize that they yearn for a deeper relationship with their mothers, since Alex’s abandoned him for a new family, while Jerry is afraid that his will reject him for being gay. An impromptu road trip leads to experiences that will forever redefine their identities…

The Devil Is Magnificent (International Premiere)
International Premiere
Dir. Nicolas Videla, Chile, 2016, 68 mins
Exhausted by the difficulties of her life in the often-inhospitable Paris, Manu, a thirty-three year old trans immigrant, resigns to return to his native Chile after 10 years in France. In the days leading up to her departure, Manu’s platonic friend Daniel proposes marriage with the intention of solving her visa issues. Manu strongly considers the offer, but she’s wholly disheartened at the prospect of a life without love, romance, and sex. That is, until she meets a fellow foreigner who instills in her the hope for a romantic future.


100 Men
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Paul Oremland, 2017, New Zealand, 2017, 94 mins
Kiwi director Paul Oremland tracks down 100 men he’s slept with in this personal, often humorous look at changing attitudes toward homosexuality over the past 40 years. Interviewed in New Zealand, England, and Poland, his eclectic subjects (including “Toilet Boy,” “Beach Boy,” and “Gary the Optician”) discuss coming out, AIDS, and gay marriage, acknowledging political gains even as some feel a sense of loss. Oremland’s journey brings him closer to these men, helping him realize he’s witnessing a revolution.

A Womb Of Their Own
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Cyn Lubow, USA, 2016, 85 mins
Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition – Won – Award of Exceptional Merit
Considered the exclusive domain of the female experience, pregnancy is generally viewed as the pinnacle of womanhood. But what happens when the act of being pregnant falls outside of the feminine and into a womb of its own? Exploring the experience of pregnancy among a group of diverse masculine-of-center-identified people, this documentary questions what it means to be pregnant and give birth as a masculine person, broadening our understanding of gender, sexuality, and parenthood.

East Coast Premiere
Dir. Arshad Khan, Canada, 2017, 80 mins
An intimately open and dazzling visual memoir about the complex dynamic the filmmaker has with his father, who was at once extremely modern and also rigidly traditional and unaccepting of his son’s true self. Director Arshad Khan highlights the fascinating intersection between being gay and being an immigrant, as he weaves a dizzying, hypnotic tapestry of personal and familial acceptance by employing home video, animation, and Bollywood films to express his path to self-discovery.

Alabama Bound
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Lara Embry and Carolyn Sherer, USA, 2017, 83 mins
Exploring the legal roller-coaster ride of LGBTQ family rights in the American South, ALABAMA BOUND offers an intimate view into the lives of three Lesbian families in Alabama, including The only openly-gay Alabama State Legislator Patricia Todd, as they make waves in the legal system fighting for the rights of their children. Set along side the turning-point years when federal marriage equality was coming to a head in the courts, this riveting and powerful documentary tactfully imbues the viewer with hope and frustration as Patricia Todd leads the charge in next wave of the LGBTQ fight for equality: legal Non-Discrimination.

Bones Of Contention
East Coast Premiere
Andrea Weiss, Spain and USA, 2017, 75 mins
The brutal Franco dictatorship continues to haunt Spain—literally, as some 120,000 skeletons of the Fascist leader’s enemies were buried in unmarked graves all over the country. If one man has come to symbolize all of these desaparecidos, it’s legendary poet and playwright Federico Garcia-Lorca, whom this film calls “the first LGBT victim of the Franco regime.” Director Andrea Weiss examines the men and women (including the writer’s niece, Laura) who recall Spain’s homophobic past and seek to exhume it by finding these remains.

Boys For Sale
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Itako, Japan, 2017, 76 mins
L.A. Outfest, Fox Inclusion Outfest Feature Award
In Tokyo’s Shinjuku district there are bars that specialize in “Urisen”, young guys who have sex with men. Featuring candid interviews and interspersed with animation detailing the awkward, sweet, and sometimes hilarious situations these sex workers experience, the boys for sale boldly tell their stories of life in the Tokyo underground. This doc is an illuminating look into a rarely seen world that tantalizingly shows the humanity of sex work.

Dream Boat
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Tristan Milewski , Germany, 2017, 92 mins
Decked from port to starboard in tops and bottoms, this cruise sets sail every year with leagues of gay men hungry to find their own slice of paradise on the open seas. Far from their families and political restrictions, we follow five men from five countries on a quest for connection. International waters provide the perfect platform to explore the ecstasy, agony, hopes, and dreams that bridge this community behind the bacchanalia, revealing a manifest rife with intersections between the diverse identities aboard, a brotherhood across borders.

Hot to Trot
New York Premiere
Dir. Gail Freedman, US, 2017, 88 mins
Set in the swinging setting of same-sex competitive ballroom dancing, this tremendously entertaining documentary highlights the culture and art of dance as it humanistically profiles the compelling stories of four international dancers. Filmed over three years, director Gail Freedman closely follows the tight ensemble as they face global and health issues, yet they find comfort and hope as they twirl past life’s obstacles with the utmost poise and confidence. Who will take home the top prize and move closest to the rhythm? The heat is on in more ways than one. This special screening will be followed by a live dance exhibition with subjects from the film

My Wonderful West Berlin
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Jochen Hick, Germany 2017, 94 mins

Jochen Hick’s My Wonderful West Berlin reveals, through a precise combination of archival footage and interviews with Berlin’s most notable LGBTQ artists and thinkers, the burgeouning queer community that developed and flourished in post-war West Berlin, despite homophobic laws and public prejudice. Through their collective memories, we see the city transform from having a spirited yet clandestine underground queer community the ‘60s, to the tepid embracing of the gay movements in the ‘70s, to the tragic overlooking of first the horrific AIDS epidemic in the ‘80s. My Wonderful West Berlin chronicles, with profound insight and uncharted access, the immense depths and rich history of the city’s LGBTQ people.

Out Of Order
New York Premiere
Dir: Amanda Blueglass, USA, 2017, 60 mins

This groundbreaking documentary reveals the complex and painful struggles faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer faith leaders as they confront entrenched bigotry, and build loving support within their churches. Due to a growing fear and suspicion toward LGBTQ individuals, many queer parishoners still feel unwelcome in their faith. But a new kind of spiritual leader is pushing for acceptance. Weaving between the personal journeys of queer faith leaders, we witness their tireless work to push for acceptance beyond the wedding chapel, in order to ensure that LGBTQ folks know that they are loved, not only by God but also by their fellow worshippers.

The Fabulous Allan Carr
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Jeffrey Schwarz, USA, 2017, 90 mins
Director Jeffrey Schwarz (VITO, I AM DIVINE) returns with this fascinating look at Allan Carr, one of the most extravagant Hollywood figures of the 1970s and 80s. The film charts Carr’s rise from talent manager to megastar producer of GREASE, before he perpetrated the box-office blunders CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC and GREASE 2, as well as the disastrous 1989 Academy Awards ceremony. Featuring new interviews and archival footage of Carr’s legendary parties, this portrait of a showbiz legend is both hilarious and deeply sympathetic.


Spotlight Screening & Conversation
Professor Marston & The Wonder Women
Dir. Angela Robinson , USA, 2017, 104 mins

In a superhero origin tale unlike any other, Angela Robinson’s entrancing film is the incredible true story of what inspired Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) to create the iconic Wonder Woman character in the 1940’s. While Marston’s feminist superhero was criticized by censors for her ‘sexual perversity’, he was keeping a secret that could have destroyed him. Marston’s muses for the Wonder Woman character were his wife Elizabeth Marston (Rebecca Hall) and their lover Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote), two empowered women who defied convention: working with Marston on human behavior research — while building a hidden life with him that rivaled the greatest of superhero disguises.

BiView: Bisexuality Representation in Media
Panel Moderated by Eliel Cruz

Join leading bisexual activist and journalist Eliel Cruz and a panel of special guests to discuss bisexuality–arguably the most underrepresented identity in the LGBTQ spectrum. Fresh from a nationwide speaking tour for Bisexual Awareness Week, Eliel will lead the panelists through conversations on the fluidity of sexual and romantic attraction, polyamory, as well as the erasure of bi stories in media and the tangible effects of biphobia on screen. Do filmmakers and content creators have a responsibility to tell positive bi stories, and what are the politics you should be aware of in order to ensure impactful bi representation in your work? Meet these ambassadors of sexual fluidity, and join the conversation.

Drag Roast: The Roast of Sherry Vine
World Premiere
Dir: Evan Zampella and Kyle Burt, US, 2017, 65 min
Cruel, harsh, tasteless. And that’s just the roasters. Join us for a special screening of the DRAG ROAST of SHERRY VINE, as a panel of legendary New York nightlife performers grill a drag legend with more than 25 years of drag experience and tea to spill. Featuring Bob the Drag Queen, Ruby Roo, Monet Xchange, Anita Buffem, Miz Cracker, Sutton Lee Seymour, Marti Gould Cummings, Tina Burner and Special Guests.


Queer Women Mixtape
Featuring premieres of web-based content from Snugglr (46m) & 195 Lewis (45m)

Trans Tales
Featuring premieres of web-based content from The T (14m), Darling Shear (15m), America In Transition (20m)

For The Boys
Featuring premieres of web-based content from London Nights (3m), Eastsiders (30m), LA Nights (3m), Maricas (30m), Tel Aviv Nights (3m), Michaels (7m)


Dir: Hettie Macdonald,
United Kingdom, 1996, 90 min
Released in 1996, the beloved coming-of-age classic that tells the story of two teenage boys living in the same London housing project, who hold the same secret: they think they might be gay. After a fight with his abusive father, Ste ends up crashing in Jamie’s bed, allowing the two to open up to each other and begin the process of embracing their identities. Two decades after its initial release, the film still stands as one of the most poignant and honest depictions of the coming-out process ever presented on screen.


Out of the Archive: Queer New York
An epicenter of queer culture, New York has long been a focal point of LGBTQ cinema. This program features both rare and restored short films (and sometimes raw footage) shot in New York City between the 1960s and 2000s by influential LGBTQ New York filmmakers, and presents the city’s history through a queer lens and even provides an early look at the trans experience. Run time: 84 minutes

Queens at Heart
Director unknown
22 min.
Restored by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project

This short exploitation documentary offers a glimpse into the lives of four transgender women in pre-Stonewall New York.

Tom Chomont
6 min.
Restored by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project

Filmmaker and curator Jim Hubbard states, “Chomont’s films offer a lyric depiction of the ordinary world.” Here, Chomont presents two portraits–one warm, and one cold.

Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day [excerpt]
Kate Millett and Susan Kleckner
5 min.
Restored by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project

Shot by the Millett, Kleckner, and an all-female crew, this raw footage documents New York’s second annual Christopher Street pride parade.

Alphabit Land: The Backyard Tour Featuring Wigstock 89
John Canalli
28 min.

John Canalli takes his cousin on a tour of his Manhattan neighborhood. A search for the coolest party in town leads them to the annual Wigstock drag festival.

I Never Danced the Way Girls Were Supposed To
Dawn Suggs
7 min.

Suggs meditates on Black lesbian subjectivity, exploring the connections between daily rituals and sexuality.

I Like Dreaming
Directed by Charles Lofton
6 min.

Lofton muses on the pleasures of cruising “straight-acting, straight-appearing” men.

Last Address
Ira Sachs
9 min.

Comprised of footage of the exteriors of houses where New York artists were living when they died of AIDS, this haunting film serves as an elegy to a generation of lost queer voices.

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