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Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace

The 15th Vail Film Festival will run from Thursday, April 5, to Sunday, April 8, 2018; the festival will celebrate women filmmakers and screen a diverse slate of almost 50 films. Films include the world premiere of Diane Bell’s narrative feature, Of Dust and Bones; the Sundance hit Leave No Trace, directed by Debra Granik; Mary Goes Round, written and directed by Molly McGlynn, starring Aya Cash; Write When You Get Work written and directed by Stacy Cohran; and the U.S. premiere of Kerry David’s documentary Bill Coors: The Will to Live.


‘Alaska is a Drag’ – Shaz Bennett (Colorado premier)
‘Heaven’s Floor’ – Lori Stoll (Colorado premier)
‘Leave No Trace’ – Debra Granik
‘Mary Goes Round’ – Molly McGlynn (Colorado premier)
‘Of Dust and Bones’ – Diane Bell (Colorado premier)
‘Sun Dogs’ – Jennifer Morrison (Colorado premier)
‘The Long Dumb Road’ – Hannah Fidell
‘Write When You Get Work’ – Stacy Cochran (Colorado premier)


‘Bill Coors: The Will to Live’ – Kerry David  (U.S. premiere)
‘De Colores’ – Luz Marina Zamora (Colorado premier)
‘Dragtivists’ – Savannah Rodgers, Alex Robinson (Colorado premier)
‘Love Wins’ – Robin Camp (Colorado premier)
‘My Tourette’s’ – Alessandro Molatore (Colorado premier)
‘Strike a Rock’ – Aliki Saragas (Colorado premier)
‘Surviving Home’ – Jillian Moul, Matthew Moul (Colorado premier)
‘The Faces of PHACS’ – Claire Berman, Megan Reznick, Staffan Hildebrand (world premier)
‘Top Row’ – Karin Argoud
‘Tribal Justice’ – Anne Makepeace
‘To a More Perfect Union: US v. Windsor’ – Donna Zaccaro (Colorado premier)


‘Bedtime Story’ – Kevin Alejandro (Colorado premier)
‘Bigfoot’s Love Slave’ – Heather Tom (Colorado premier)
‘Cuddle Buddy’ – Max Barbakow (Colorado premier)
‘Fevah’ – Randall Dottin
‘Game’ – Jeannie Donohoe (Colorado premier)
‘Girl of the Sky’ – Ariel Martin (Colorado premier)
‘In Wonderland’ – Christopher Haydon (World premier)
‘Internet Gangsters’ – Sam Friedlander (Colorado premier)
‘Love on the Line’ – Nicole McKinnon (Colorado premier)
‘Night Dancing’ – Barney Cokeliss
‘Ovum, Luciano Blotta’ (Colorado premier)
‘Pushing Night Away’ – Jade Hærem Aksnes (Colorado premier)
Santa Claus’ – Jeff Man (Colorado premier)
‘The Duel’ – Amanda Barnes, David Speck (Colorado premier)
‘The Invaders’ – Mateo Márquez (World premier)
‘The Killing Game’ – Andrej iliev (Colorado premier)
‘The Language of Ball’ – Ramón Rodríguez
‘The Obituary’ – Jonathan Thompson (Colorado premier)
‘The Real Thing’ – Brandon Kelley (Colorado premier)
‘Uncle Silas’ – Sayra Player, Rebecca Billhart (Colorado premier)
‘Unnatural Selection’ – Geneviève Delouche (Colorado premier)
‘Who Decides’ – Mylissa Fitzsimmons (Colorado premier)


‘Aaron’ – Aviva Neuman (Colorado premier)
‘Bier & Calippo’ – Paul Ploberger (U.S. premier)
‘Night Call’ – Amanda Renee Knox
‘Phototaxis’ – Melissa Ferrari (Colorado premier)
‘Snowplow’ – Mia Niebruegge (Colorado premier)
‘Sputnik: The Shock of the Century’ – Summer Royal (world premier)
‘Vows’ – Mark McKinsey (Colorado premier)


Animated: ‘Doodle’ – Jonathan Medici
Comedy: ‘New Reality’ – Carolyn Kras
Drama: ‘News Gals’–  David Dalessandro
Faith: ‘Showdown at Damascus’ – Don Driscoll
Science Fiction: ‘Pull’ – Marc Messenger
Thriller: ‘Phantom’ – Andrea Gibson
TV Series: ‘The Biggest Little’ – Craig Page

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