A Few Seconds Nora El Hourch

The 2015 Stockholm International Film Festival released the list of short films that are selected for this year’s Short Film Competition, competing for the Aluminium Horse award. The 26th Stockholm International Film Festival runs November 11 to 22, 2015

The line up of this year’s Short Film Competition includes 18 short films from 14 countries, of which four have their world premiere at Stockholm Film Festival. The short films are competing for the Aluminium Horse. In 2014 the Aluminium Horse went to Una Gunjak for The Chicken (2014).

“We are looking forward to present this year’s titles in Short Film Competition, delivering an array of intriguing topics with categories ranging from documentaries to comedy and drama. The award aims to encourage directors in the beginning of their careers, who every year surprise us with their creativeness and originality,” says Git Scheynius, the festival director of Stockholm International Film Festival.

Films competing in 2015 Stockholm International Film Festival XXVI Short Film Competition:

4 Quarters (2015) by Ashley McKenzie (Canada, 13 min.) International premiere.
A Few Seconds (2015) by Nora El Hourch (France, 16 min.) Nordic premiere. (pictured above)
Black (2014) by Novruz Hikmet (Azerbaijan, Ukraine, 12 min.) Nordic premiere.
Buddy (2015) by Jan Roosens, Raf Roosens (Belgium, 15 min.) Swedish premiere.
Dániel (2015) by Dean Loxton (United Kingdom, 14 min.) Nordic premiere.
Francis (2015) by Ahmed Abdullahi (Sweden, 30 min.) World premiere.
Girls & Boys (2015) by Ninja Thyberg (Sweden, 30 min.) World premiere.
Isabel In Winter (2014) by Laura Baumeister, Teresa Kuhn (Germany, 20 min.) Nordic premiere.
Impression of a War (2015) by Camilo Restrepo (France, Colombia, 26 min) Nordic premiere.
The Pain (2015) by Ali Asgari (France, Iran, 15 min.) World premiere.
Prologen (2015) by Stefan Constantinescu (Sweden, 15 min.) World premiere.
The Sheep Of Erwin S. (2015) by Gabriel Sanson (Belgium, 16 min.) Nordic premiere.
Sniper’s Observation Method (2015) by Yunha Kim (South Korea, 16 min.) Nordic premiere.
Sunday Lunch (2015) by Celine Devaux (France, 14 min.) Nordic premiere.
The Swimming Lesson (2015) by Olivia Boudreau (Canada, 11 min.) Nordic premiere.
Waves ’98 (2015) by Ely Dagher (Lebanon, Qatar, 15 min.) Nordic premiere.
What Happens in Your Brain When You See a German Word Like…? (2015) by Zora Rux (Germany, 5 min.) European premiere.

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