Tapeworm, directed by Canadian filmmakers Milos Mitrovic and Fabian Velasco
Tapeworm, directed by Canadian filmmakers Milos Mitrovic and Fabian Velasco

Tapeworm, the feature film debut by Canadian filmmakers Milos Mitrovic and Fabian Velasco will have its US Premiere at the 2020 Slamdance Film Festival.

The film that Screen Anarchy calls a “cringe comedy” introduces a loosely connected group of nobodies who trudge through their tedious existence in the dreadful city of Winnipeg. In just over 77 minutes, we observe the daily activities of a hypochondriac, a dull comedian, a loner and his mother, as well as two naive stoners. These less than ordinary characters seek a distraction from their pitiful and mundane way of life.

“We were interested in exploring the lives of people on the fringe of society, the ‘beautiful losers’, and share their every day moments, with all their pain and very few triumphs, filtered through our own pessimistic and ironic sensibilities,” explains co-director Fabian Velasco.

“But amidst the grey, the beige apartments, the sad pink carnations, the secondhand panties, and the disappointment is a bright, warm humor,” adds Sarah Diamond, director of programming at Slamdance.

Both screenings are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers Velasco and Mitrovic, along with actress Alex Ateah, cinematographer Markus Henkel as well as producers Ian Bawa and Kevin Tabachnick.

The ultra low budget film was almost entirely self-funded by Velasco and Mitrovic and shot on 16mm film, in their hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Tapeworm was heavily influenced by the city of Winnipeg, a city in the middle of Canada, covered in dirt and depressing architecture, and although it’s not necessarily a film about this city, it captures the bittersweet nature of living in Winnipeg,” co-director Milos Mitrovic concludes.

Tapeworm stars an array of non-professional actors such as Adam Brooks (Adam), Sam Singer (Sam) and Alex Ateah (Alex). The feature is written, produced and directed by Milos Mitrovic and Fabian Velasco. Additional producers: Kevin Tabachnick and Ian Bawa. Executive producers: Stephanie Berrington and Adam Brooks. Cinematography by Markus Henkel. Editing by Markus Henkel and the directors.


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