The 2015 Los Cabos International Film Festival announced the films chosen for its fourth edition’s Official Selection, which is composed of Competencia Los Cabos (Mexico, USA and Canada) and México Primero sections. Nine films are in competition for Competencia Los Cabos, where North American films appear side-by-side, films that are from or co-produced with Mexico, USA and/or Canada can participate; and six films are in competition for México Primero, focusing on Mexican films.

The nine films in competition for Competencia Los Cabos:

From Afar “Desde allá” by Lorenzo Vigas (Mexico/Venezuela).
Tangerine by Sean Baker (USA) – Premiere in Mexico. (pictured above)
Room by Lenny Abrahamson (Canada/Ireland)
Chronic by Michel Franco (Mexico).
James White by Josh Mond (USA) – Premiere in Latin America
The Loved Ones “Les Êtres Chers” by Anne Émond (Canada) – Premiere in Mexico
A Monster with a Thousand Heads “Un monstruo de mil cabezas” by Rodrigo Plá (Mexico/France).
Nasty Baby by Sebastián Silva (USA/Chile) – Premiere in Mexico.
Sleeping Giant by Andrew Cividino (Canada).

The six competing films for México Primero are:

Semana Santa by Alejandra Márquez.
Sabrás qué hacer conmigo by Katina Medina Mora.
Charity “La caridad” by Marcelino Islas.
The Chosen Ones “Las elegidas” by David Pablos.
I Promise You Anarchy “Te prometo anarquía” by Julio Hernández Cordón.
Almacenados by Jack Zagha.

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